OPENS DEC 28, 2020

Welcome to our THIRD year of:  The Womens Freedom Song Contest!








Listen to 2020's winner Rebeccah Jay Nelems song "Stealing Me Back From You

Listen to 2019's winner "Kinley" with her song "Washington"


Song Winners

1st Place: Dreamer - Dova Lewis- (CANADA)

2nd Place: Here I Am - Amy Gilvary (USA)

3rd Place: Speak Out - Kaiya Gamble (CANADA)


Honourable Mention

Polite - Alexis Lynn (CANADA)

I’m Not Sorry - Georgia Munster (AUSTRALIA)

She’s a Warrior - Jessa Pontier (USA)

Hindsight - Jessica Porfirio


Music Videos

1st Place: Bonny’s Lament - Sage Snider (USA)

2nd Place: The Dream – Goksenin Director: Mert Gider (TURKEY)

3rd Place: Wake Up – Directed by: Aashish Rego, K. C. Loy (INDIA)


Honourable Mention

Dreamer - Dova Lewis, Director: Emilie Rosas (CANADA)

She’s Like the Swallow –Dara Schindelka, Director: Colin Hubick (CANADA)

I’ve Been Afraid - Cecelia Condit (USA)


Poem/Lyric Category

1st Place– “M Word” - Bonnie Boss (USA)

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Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 12.13.02